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This guide aims to pull together quality content about React core concepts into a central location for quick reference.

Tip: 🤔 Learn React before you try using things like Redux, MobX. See: 8 things to learn in React before using Redux @rwieruch

Remember we’re all learning. Read, Try, Mess Up (it’s okay). If you find this guide helpful let me know @timarney.

  <h1>Learn React</h1>,

There’s lots to learn but if you break it down there are some key concepts to focus on. JSX, React Elements, Components, Lifecycle Methods, Props and State.

Tip: 🤔 If you’re stuck checkout out Reactiflux or Stack Overflow

These articles will start you down the path to learning React.

I don’t know React what should I watch / read before I start?

Additional information to start with

Tip: 🤔 Check out this interactive screencast React Tic Tac Toe Tutorial Per Harald Borgen @perborgen