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This initial React 16.0 release is mostly focused on compatibility with existing apps. It does not enable asynchronous rendering yet. We will introduce an opt-in to the async mode later during React 16.x. We don’t expect React 16.0 to make your apps significantly faster or slower, but we’d love to know if you see improvements or regressions. @bvaughn

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React 16 RC Notes

Where can I find some good information for React 16?

Error Handling

DOM Attributes


Async Mode

Lin Clark - A Cartoon Intro to Fiber - React Conf 2017

Additional Fiber info here


How does returning arrays from render work?

const names = ["Dan", "Kent", "Ryan"];

/* No wrapping element! */
class List extends React.Component {
  render() {
    return => <li>{name}</li>);


Note: You can also return a String

Roadmap for React (Fiber and Beyond)

Calling setState with null no longer triggers an update. This allows you to decide in an updater function if you want to re-render.