The Virtual DOM

The Virtual DOM provides a lightweight implementation of the DOM and events system. Instead of dealing with the browser, you manipulate an in-memory version of the DOM.

What is the Virtual DOM?

Is the Virtual DOM all about speed?

I wonder if we can reclaim the VDOM term to mean “Value DOM”, as in Value Type, instead of “Virtual DOM”…? More accurate. @sebmarkbage

It doesn’t improve perf over hand written DOM code but it’s hard to write on scale. React scales well. @dan_abramov

React ultimately has to call browser APIs at some point, it can’t possibly be faster than writing the same exact calls by hand @dan_abramov

React will not do anything that you cannot. By definition everything it does can be reproduced (and some people have with other libraries/frameworks that follow similar conventions). The point is not that React does something that you can’t, but rather that by introducing React to your application you are relieved of having to worry about manually handling your DOM, manually determining how to update it efficiently, minimizing traversals, etc. - Sean Grogg

Key Takeaway:

React keeps your product reasonably fast without you having to think about it all the time, or to jump through the hoops @dan_abramov